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Hi there! My name is Alissa, and I love to read, but I can't seem to get away from fanfiction. So here I am, trying to get motivated to read original works again. Picking up a book is so hard.

In light of me following off the face of the planet for a month, I've returned with the intention of reading a lovely fantasy series, and possibly finishing my challenge of 20 books this year.

*Already has bunch of ebooks she's never read.*


*Has a bunch of physical books she's never read.*


*Has a small library of audiobooks she's never listened to*


*Can easily find books for free online*


*Has no job and only has $20 in the bank*


*Is preparing to figure which family member she can beg to give her $20 for some ebooks she's probably never gonna read*

HumbleBundle Presents Super Nebula Author Showcase Bundle

I'm subscribed to HumbleBundle because I have a gaming addiction, but that isn't all they offer! For the next two weeks, they hosting a bundle containing a collection of science fiction novels, all winners of the Nebula Award. I'm personally about drop some cash on the $1+ bundle. Support a charity and fuel your book addiction at the same time!

Managed to read three books in two days. I'm kinda proud of myself. Let's see what I should read next.

Review: Sneaky Snow White

Sneaky Snow White (Dark Fairy Tale Queen Series Book 2) - Anita Valle

Cinderella killed my father.


She thinks she can do anything because she’s the Evil Queen. And my stepmother. The only thing she truly loves is her Demon Mirror. But the more she gazes into that thing, the crazier she becomes.


But I am no longer a child. I won’t allow the Evil Queen to poison my heart and my home. Although my skin is white as snow, my soul is far from pure. I will make Cinderella suffer for her sins.


Sure as my name is Snow White.



Sneaky Snow White was just as underwhelming as Sinful Cinderella. Once again, it's a great concept, but the execution could have been better. Snow White is presented as the daughter of the prince Cinderella marries in the prequel. In fact, we're introduced to her during the ball where she acts like a little brat. Bratty is the best way to describe this girl, honestly.


In the story, Cinderella has taken the title of Evil Queen and is obsessed with a magic mirror in her room. The Prince/King is dead, and Snow White blames Cinderella. She wants to kill Cinderella, but she's currently pregnant with her siblings, so she has to wait. Snow is dating a young hunter by the name of Hunter (so original), whom she loves and wants to run away with, but doesn't because she wants to steal the baby from Cinderella once it's born.


The story, or rather, Snow White likes to think of herself as sneaky, which is repeated in several chapters like a whisper to herself, but she's not. She's just as manipulative and vengeful as her stepmother.


My four biggest complaints with this story can also be found in its prequel. It's too short, with it claiming to be about 150 pages, but Amazon claims its barely over 100 pages. It's extremely rushed and feels like it could have been dragged out a little more. Way too much expositions. Like please, no more plot dumping. Just, please. Finally, it's like 30 chapters, but several of those chapters are like a page? Like, excuse me, that's a scene, not a chapter. Madam, how dare?


Really, this series has so much potential. I enjoy how Valle is merging these fairy tales together, and also how she's making beloved heroines into the evil queens of other beloved heroines. It's a nice little twist. If she could just take her time and now rush the plot, that would be fantastic.


And please, no more plot dumps.


Sidenote: I read the free version of this book on Wattpad. 

Review: Sinful Cinderella

Sinful Cinderella (Dark Fairy Tale Queen Series Book 1) - Anita Valle

And you thought the stepsisters were wicked...


I'm not who they think I am. A docile girl who meekly obeys her stepmother and stepsisters. Some kind of sick angel who cheerfully bears their mistreatment. That's what I want them to think. Because then they won't suspect what I'm really up to.


The ball, the prince - it's all part of my plan to come out on top. Stepmother and her demented daughters will pay for every floor I have scoured, every sneer I have borne. They don't know about the white magic, how I use it to enhance myself. They can't see that my heart is black as midnight, rotten as a poisoned apple.


They're about to find out.



Like I mentioned before, when I think dark, I think George R. R. Martin, because his works are dark. Actually, let me rephrase that, his works are dark and well-written. This story, not so much.


Underwhelming describes it well. I can see what Valle was getting at. Sinful Cinderella presents a version of Cinderella who is manipulative, vengeful, and ultimately murderous. She's also really vain. No one is good in this story. Everyone is a terrible person, whether they're a brat or just straight up awful. Stepmother is just as annoying and evil as you would expect in a Cinderella story, except in this one, she helps the prince find Cinderella, mostly because he's a woman beating asshole, which Cindy finds out after she's magicked herself to be the most beautiful woman in the kingdom to seduce him into marrying her.


Some kind of twisted justice right there, huh?


The book isn't bad. It has a lot of potential, but it felt extremely rushed. Some chapters were maybe two pages long, and the story itself wasn't even 160 pages. Characters weren't well developed, and there was a lot of exposition that could have easily been explained or hinted at rather than, you know, dumped into the story.


I like the concepts behind the book, but the execution could have been better. 3/5 mostly because I'm nice. 

Sinful Cinderella (Dark Fairy Tale Queen Series Book 1) - Anita Valle

Welp, I finished that. I'll write a review tomorrow. I was considering buying the sequel, but it's free on Wattpad.


See, I don't understand the point of that. Having to versions of the same story out with one free on a different site. Like, doesn't that hurt sales?

Reading progress update: I've read 53%.

Sinful Cinderella (Dark Fairy Tale Queen Series Book 1) - Anita Valle

Ah, the "dark" aspect has made it's appearance. I have to admit, I'm pretty into this story.

Reading progress update: I've read 32%.

Sinful Cinderella (Dark Fairy Tale Queen Series Book 1) - Anita Valle

Heh, her fairy godmother smokes a pipe and gives no fucks. Sounds about right. I'm not really getting the "dark" aspect of the story, though. Then again, when I think dark, I think Game of Thrones.

Reading progress update: I've read 13%.

Sinful Cinderella (Dark Fairy Tale Queen Series Book 1) - Anita Valle

Whew boy, did I forget how much I don't like first person. Or rather, Valle's execution is kinda annoying.


Though I will admit this is an interesting take on the classic fairytale.

Review: Tender Wings of Desire

Tender Wings of Desire - Colonel Sanders

When Lady Madeline Parker runs away from Parker Manor and a loveless betrothal, she finally feels like she is in control of her life. But what happens when she realizes she can't control how she feels? When she finds herself swept into the arms of Harland, a handsome sailor with a mysterious past, Madeline realizes she must choose between a life of order and a man of passion. Can love overcome lies? What happens in the embrace of destiny, on the Tender Wings of Desire?


I came for an absurd love story that had something to do with that obnoxious cover, but what I got a decently written novella where I was forced to read lines talking about how sexy the Colonel was.


Quite frankly, this is the best thing I've read in a long while. It's cliched, and the synopsis makes it sound way more dramatic than it actually is, but I wasn't expecting a masterpiece. A good chunk of the "conflict" in the romance comes literally at the end of the novella, so it's not something that's really built up over the course of the story.


Good job, KFC, you made me read a romance novel for the first time since my freshman year of high school.


Reading progress update: I've read 69%.

Tender Wings of Desire - Colonel Sanders

First - Haha, 69% *wink wink*


Second, his name is Harland and why is he a sailor? Sir, you could be in the military, it's reasonable. You're the Colonel, but okay, Sailor Harland.


Third, we're getting the romance :D.

Reading progress update: I've read 31%.

Tender Wings of Desire - Colonel Sanders

You know what. I was expecting something absurd and humorous, but wow, this is actually a good story.

Reading progress update: I've read 6%.

Tender Wings of Desire - Colonel Sanders

"He looks like a fairy-tale prince."


"He looks like a vanilla biscuit," Madeline had replied.


Oh, I'm cackling.


Tender Wings of Desire - Colonel Sanders

There do not exist words that can describe the mix of emotions I am currently feeling. This is just like that weird Donald Trump joke porn story that one comedian released awhile ago.


This is the best gift life has given me in a long time.

My digital TBR pile is getting bigger. Made a mistake of making a bookbub account, and now I'm hoarding books like a dragon.

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